Glossy Clay Studio Pop-Up at Bon Femmes Shop

Glossy Clay Studio Pop-Up at Bon Femmes Shop

Experience the enchanting world of minimalist ceramics as Glossy Clay Studio, created by the talented Anita, pops up at Bon Femmes on Saturday, January 27th. Anita Louie, a Chicago-based ceramic artist, brings her passion for perfection and love for unique textures to create ceramics that are as delightful as they are functional.

About Glossy Clay Studio:

"Hi, I'm Anita, the creative force behind Glossy Clay Studio! I'm a Chicago-based ceramic artist, and my heart lies in crafting minimalist ceramics adorned with cute round silhouettes, playful glazes, and unique textures. My love for pottery has always been a pursuit of perfection, and this year, I decided to invest the time I've always craved for pottery. Thus, Glossy Clay Studio was born, capturing the essence of my journey in every piece."

 📅 Date: Saturday, January 27th

🕒 Time: 11AM to 6PM

📍Location: Bon Femmes Shop, 4917 N Damen Ave

🍵 Charming Matcha Bowls, Mugs, and More: Explore a curated collection of minimalist ceramics, including matcha bowls, mugs, tea cups, and vases. Each piece carries the imprint of Anita's dedication and love for the craft.

🎨 Meet the Artist: Connect with Anita, the visionary artist behind Glossy Clay Studio. Gain insights into her creative process and the stories embedded in each handcrafted piece.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the marriage of artistry and functionality at the Glossy Clay Studio Pop-Up. Join us on January 27th, and let your space be adorned with the elegance of handmade ceramics.

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