Nail Art Extravaganza: Bon Femmes x Never Have I Ever Collaboration!

Nail Art Extravaganza: Bon Femmes x Never Have I Ever Collaboration!

Hello my beauties!

I am bursting with excitement to share some incredible news with you all. Brace yourselves for a dazzling collaboration that feels like it was written in the stars—Bon Femmes has joined forces with the amazing new brand, Never Have I Ever, to bring you a collection of press-on nails that will elevate your nail game to new heights!

Let me take you on a journey of how this magical collaboration came to be. Picture this: it's a sunny summer day, and I find myself at Shoppe Object, surrounded by creativity and innovation. As if fate itself intervened, a fresh and vibrant brand approached me with a proposition that made my heart skip a beat—transforming my designs into stunning nail art. Without a moment's hesitation, my answer was a resounding YES! And just like that, the spark was lit, and the Bon Femmes x Never Have I Ever collaboration was born.

Fast forward a few months of anticipation, creative sparks, and nail-biting excitement (pun intended), and I am over the moon to announce that the designs have officially arrived! *Cue the confetti and happy dance.*

I was so happy when creating two sets of mesmerizing press-on nails exclusively for Never Have I Ever, and let me tell you, they are nothing short of fabulous. Each set is a celebration of artistry, style, and the empowerment of self-expression.

But here's the cherry on top: Never Have I Ever didn't stop at just one collaboration. They've teamed up with other incredible women artists, uniting creative forces to curate a collection of gorgeous press-on nails that will make your fingertips the talk of the town.

And because you, my dear, are a cherished part of this journey, I have a little treat for you! When you shop this awe-inspiring collection, use the code NEWNHIEBFF at checkout for a delightful 15% off your first order. It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of this vibrant community.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into a world of nail art excellence, self-expression, and empowerment. Explore the Bon Femmes x Never Have I Ever collaboration, and let your fingertips tell a story of creativity and individuality.

Hurry, darling! These press-on nails are available for pre-sale, and you wouldn't want to miss out on adorning your nails with a touch of magic.

Here's to bold designs, fearless expression, and the beauty of collaboration. Cheers to you, and cheers to the Bon Femmes x Never Have I Ever collaboration! 💅🎉

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