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Maison Matine

Goutte d'Or Soap Bar

Goutte d'Or Soap Bar

The Goutte d'Or Soap Bar by Maison Matine is a French gem for your daily routine! With 96% natural ingredients, including hydrating olive and coconut oils, this soap is a delight for your skin and the environment.

Bursting with vibrant colors and a captivating fragrance, the Goutte d'Or Soap Bar takes your senses on a journey. Imagine the refreshing notes of tea, the zing of ginger, and the refreshing essence of cucumber, all blending into a spicy scent that transports you to exotic destinations. Maison Matine's Goutte d'Or Soap Bar is more than just soap—it's an experience.

  • 100gr
  • Made in France by Maison Matine
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