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Bon Femmes

Paraluman Soy Candle - Ginger + Santal + Cedarwood + Saffron

Paraluman Soy Candle - Ginger + Santal + Cedarwood + Saffron

Experience the essence of Paraluman with the collaborative soy candle, crafted in celebration of AAPI month by Tiny Opal Vintage (Lia Berezka) and Bon Femmes.

 Paraluman is a homage to Lia's Filipino heritage. Lia shares, "Goddess-like and surreal, Paraluman is an essence that Filipino poets have used since the 19th century. This candle is a sensory journey, blending nostalgic ginger notes reminiscent of Lolo's Lugaw porridge and the warmth of cedarwood, evoking memories of Bangka boats in El Nido Bay. Balanced with pepper and honey accents from saffron, Paraluman creates a harmonious scent." Hand-poured in Chicago using 100% organic soy wax without preservatives or additives, this candle embodies authenticity, heritage, and sensory delight. Allow Paraluman to transport you with its captivating blend of ginger, santal, cedarwood, and saffron scents, creating a space that resonates with beauty, nostalgia, and cultural richness.

  • 6oz
  • 30 Hrs burn time
  • 100% Organic soy wax, no preservatives or additives.
  • Cotton wick, zinc free
  • 3.14 x 3” Vessel
  • Handpoured by Virtue Alchemy Candle Co. in Chicago, IL
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